Steel structures Thermal ArcSpraying.

Company Vaitometa makes steel Thermal ArcSprayingFor this service please contact us by phone +37065279244

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Metal items blasting

UAB "Vaitometa" staff can carry out the new and old metal items blasting (abrasive cleaning). We paint all types of paint.

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photo and video

UAB "Vaitometa" photo and video galery

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2021 09 23

Sanding the surface of the steel in accordance with ISO8501 and ISO12944 standards in accordance with the painting

Company Vaitometa employees can perform new and old steel items blasting (abrasive cleaning) painting of all types of paint. Blasting and painting can be done in the facility and workshop. 
            Our long-time customer company JSC Baltic Shipyard now, the Western Baltic Shipyard had the opportunity to see us as a contractor's with highly skilled employees, flexibility due to changes in the work load, rapid response to customer needs. 
            Company Vaitometa professionals by offering you blasting and anticorrosion protection will always first assess the climatic conditions – will identify steel to be coated and air temperatures, relative humidity, and before work will be started will determine whether the construction temperature is at least three degrees above the dew point.
            Assess the state of the steel (or washing with fresh water is necessary before sandblasting; will advice on the need of salt test – measurement of dissolved chloride, according to (ISO 8502-6 / ISO 8502-9)). 
            Prior to blasting together with the customer, we always will discuss whether there are steel defects (defects in rolling, welding spray, scale, sharp edges), and how much should be invested, that the design would be prepared in accordance with ISO 12944.
            We will discuss what type of abrasives to be used for blast cleaning of steel surfaces (sand, slag, steel shot, metal grit), but maybe enough for mechanical surface treatment according to ISO 8501-1 / ISO 8501-2 
            On the basis of environmental aggressiveness, where and how steel structures will operate we will advise what type of paint to be used and what thickness to be applied, targeting to achieve designed in service period – durability.

We do not just sandblast, paint steel structures, but also on client's request will present a work inspection report. 
            We are always waiting for your orders.